ECIA Capacity Building

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Free Workshops


For 2018, City staff is, again, partnering with the Richmond Community Foundation to continue to offer free capacity-building workshops.  The schedule for capacity-building sessions for 2018 is currently being finalized and will be posted once available.

Session 1: Information and Grant Proposal Writing (Streaming Video) - February 27, 2018


In 2017, City staff in partnership with the Richmond Community Foundation, offered free capacity-building workshops. These workshop were intended to provide organizations the opportunity to enhance and acquire new skills. The session listed below, represent the breadth of training provided.

Session 1: Information and Grant Proposal Writing (Streaming Video) - February 16, 2017
Session 2: Financial Management & Budgeting 101 (Streaming Video) - February 22, 2017
Session 3: Logic Models to Survive and Thrive (Streaming Video) - April 19, 2017
Session 4: Fundraising Basics and Beyond (Streaming Video) - June 8, 2017
Session 5: Effective Collaboration (Streaming Video) - August 2, 2017
Session 6: Board Recruitment and Development (Streaming Video) - October 5, 2017