Community Development Department

Welcome to the Community Development Department!

Our offices are currently open to the public with modified hours and procedures due to Covid-19 and staffing shortages. 

Please visit the Planning Division, Housing/Successor AgencyBuilding Division, and Code Enforcement for specifics services being provided at this time. All Planning Boards and Commissions are continuing to meet via teleconference and online meetings so please visit our Boards and Commissions page for more information.

For your convenience staff contact emails are provided on the Division specific pages.

The mission of the Community Development Department is to foster the community toward the sustainable, equitable, smart growth, transit-oriented community envisioned in the City's General Plan. Department activities include providing professional assistance to developers, contractors, businesses, and homeowners; preserving open space; building high-quality strategically urban residential and commercial development; and maintaining and increasing the range of housing alternatives.

Building Division
The Building Division provides advice and technical expertise to assist customers with complex construction issues. The Division is committed to ensuring compliance with the evolving building codes and the safe and timely completion of building projects.

Code Enforcement Division
Code Enforcement’s mission is to partner with City residents, property owners and businesses to protect public health, safety and welfare by ensuring compliance with City Codes, Land Use Regulations and various Statues; and improve the quality of life and aesthetics of Richmond diverse neighborhoods through education, cooperation and responsive enforcement. The Code Enforcement team is responsible for enforcing the City’s Municipal Code which includes dilapidated structures; substandard housing investigation and enforcement; private property vehicle abatement; overgrown vegetation; trash; litter and debris; and unlawful outdoor storage.

Housing & Community Development (HCD)
The mission of the Housing & Community Development (HCD) division is the development of quality neighborhoods within the City of Richmond by partnering with neighborhood residents and community groups.

Planning Division
The Planning Department provides advice and technical expertise to assist public officials, public agencies, real estate professionals, business operators and residents in understanding key community issues and priorities related to land use. The Planning staff provides excellent customer service by creating public and private partnerships that foster economic vitality, environmental integrity and quality design for the City of Richmond.

Richmond Successor Agency
The City of Richmond As Successor Agency to the Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency works to initiate and facilitate the revitalization of physical, economic, and social conditions through the redevelopment of blighted areas as well as through economic development, job training, community development, and the management of real estate assets; all of which is designed to reduce blight and crime, develop community resources, and stimulate private sector investment in the city.

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